15 November 2011 | General

Aussie Racing Car excitement to return to Bathurst Motor Festival

THE INCREDIBLE racing of the FW1 Aussie Racing Car Series will return to the Bathurst Motor Festival in 2012 – and the 2011 winner says it should be better than ever.

New South Wales racer Peter Carr won the round held at the Bathurst Motor Festival in April this year and will return to defend his Bathurst title in 2012.

The FW1 Aussie Racing Cars join a growing mix of National and state-level categories announced for the 2012 Bathurst Motor Festival, including the debut of Formula 3 at Mount Panorama, Production Sports Cars and the NSW Road Racing Club regularity.

Carr said there was only one word to describe the Aussie Racing Car action on the Mountain.

“It’s incredible,” he said.

“We hit top gear by the kink in Conrod straight so from there it’s all a massive slipstream battle. In the length of the straight you can pass someone, be re-passed and then pass again before the chase. The slipstreaming battles are just insane.

“It is incredible racing. This year I was fortunate enough to have a brilliant car that allowed me to win a couple of races fairly comfortably by Aussie Racing Car standards – but I can’t wait to get back next year and have another go.”

Category Manager Brad Ward says the Bathurst Motor Festival forms a key part of the ever-expanding Aussie Racing Car National series.

“Aussie Racing Cars see Australia’s most famous racing circuit, Mount Panorama Bathurst as an important part of the National Series and we are excited to be taking the series back to Bathurst for the Motor Festival at Easter in 2012,” he said.

“With the cars being fitted with high aero rear wings and front splitters designed specifically for Bathurst, the four wide racing action and extreme slip streaming that the Pocket Rockets have become synonymous for will again be a feature of each FW1 Aussie Racing Cars competition at the mountain.

“We are expecting a capacity grid of over 45 cars for the event and with four races scheduled over three days, the on track action will be awesome.”

Aussie Racing Cars feature essentially half-scale cars sporting bodywork from several different types of vehicle (including Holden Commodore, Ford Falcon, Toyota Aurion and Classic Ford and Chevrolet models) powered by 1200cc Motorcycle-based engines producing about 125bhp.

Weighing just 450kg, the cars reach upwards of 230km/hr down Conrod straight, often racing in close packs of cars slipstreaming and jostling for position in some of the most exciting racing around.

The FW1 Aussie Racing Car Super Series will join categories already confirmed at the 2012 Bathurst Motor Festival, including the historic debut of Formula 3 at Mount Panorama, Production Sports Cars and the New South Wales Road Racing Club regularity competition.